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See the Fun at Fiddlesticks Farms

Almost everything you see here is included in Fall fun Farm Admission.
Mouse over the images to get descriptions and more information

Extra Fee Attractions

Feed the Goats: $.25 for a handful of feed (Sold at the Goat Walk candy machines)
Apple Blaster Ammo:
A basket of Apples- $7.00 (Sold at the Ammo Tent)
Shooting Gallery Ammo: A basket of Paintballs- $7.00 (Sold at the Ammo Tent)
Pay Dirt Rough: $8.00 (Sold at the Miners Shack)
Lucky Strike Rough: $11.00 (Sold at the Miners Shack)
Mother Lode Rough: $26.00 (Sold at the Miners Shack)
Pick Your Own Flowers: $6.00 (Sold at the Flower Market when in bloom)
Pumpkin: prices vary depending on size and variety. (Purchase at the Pumpkin Patch before loading Hay Ride)
Helicopter Ride:  Click Here for pricing & details