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Menu: SaltLick

Meal Deals
(Includes a side of fries & bottle of water)
($1.50 extra for Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite substitution)

The Big Dog: $9.50
Quarter Pound Chili Cheese Dog

Popcorn Chicken Basket: $9.50
Crispy, crunchy, & juicy Chicken

Snacks & Sides
Side of Fries: $4.00
Cup of Chili: $4.00
Walking Frito Pie: $5.50
Kickin’ Chicken Wings: $6.00

Cold Beverages
20 oz bottled sodas: $3.00
Sprite, Coca Cola, Diet Coke

16 oz bottled water: $2.50

Old-fashioned ChuckWagon Soda:
Flavors: Vanilla Cream, Root Beer, Lemon Soda, Red Cream, Black Cherry
New Tin Cup OR Corn Man Cup- $6.00
Tin Cup  OR Corn Man Cup Refills- $3.00
Stainless Mug (unlimited refills)- $15.00