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Party Details

Parties at Fiddlesticks Farms

One admission ticket per guest MUST be purchased, either in advance when you make your reservation or at admissions when you arrive.

Please visit this list of FAQs.

To assure that everyone in your group has a great time, please make sure that a wristband is purchased for every person.  When the party host, checks in at Admissions, please provide the “Parties & Groups” window with your final Guest List.  At that time, you will be charged upfront for those that are on your guest list that are ages 4 and up.  This will allow you and other early arrivals to receive your wristbands and go ahead and proceed to the party area.

As the remainder of the guests come in, please let them know ahead of time to check in at the “Parties & Groups” window in order to receive their wristband.  We will keep a tally of the number of guests that actually attend…and if guests on your guest list are unable to attend, we will return the admission for those guests to you the same way that you initially paid us.  If guests arrive that are not on your guest list, they will be asked to pay their own way into the farm.

Should a need for cancellation occur, please contact us in order to switch to a new date and or time. If we are forced to close due to inclement weather, we will contact you to discuss options to re-schedule.

Have Questions?
We will get you the answers.  Please visit this list of FAQs. If you have a question that is not listed, email us or call the farm.