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The South 40

The South 40 at Fiddlesticks Farms

HteaO Bottled Water: $2.50

HteaO Mini Gallons: $6.00
Unsweet Regular
Unsweet Coconut

Sweet Regular
Sweet Coconut

Sweet Blueberry
True Blueberry (Unsweet)
Sweet Georgia Peach
Sweet Mint
Sweet Raspberry
Sweet Peach Cobbler
Ryan Palmer
Pink Lemonade


The MEAL Deal
Boracho Nachos (Brisket & queso served over Boracho chips) $7.50
Brisket Mac & Cheese: $6.50

Something Sweet
2 Churro Donuts (Topped with whipped cream cheese & caramel): $3.50
Soft Serve Ice Cream (Vanilla): $3.00
Rootbeer Float: $6.00
Funnel Cakes (Sprinkled with Powdered Sugar): $10.00
Hot Apple Pie Fries (Topped with whipped cream cheese & caramel): $7.50
Fresh Popped Kettle Corn- Large: $10.50
Fresh Popped Kettle Corn- Small: $5.50

Get a HOT Chocolate on Cold Days Only: $4.00