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Field Trip FAQs

Field Trips | Frequently Asked Questions

We’re primarily an outdoor attraction! Extreme or unforeseen weather conditions can force us to close at any time. If you are in doubt about the weather conditions, please call 432-687-MAZE before departing for Fiddlesticks Farms.

Dress comfortably as if you are going camping. No sandals or flip flops. Wear shoes conducive to walking. Remember that you will be on a farm, so dress appropriately for the best experience.

We have men’s and women’s portable toilet facilities along with a handicap/family facility also. They are located throughout our property.

Hand washing Station:
A hand washing station is located next to the toilets and the farm animals.

Forms of Payment:
Fiddlesticks Farms accepts cash, credit cards and official school checks only.  Personal checks are never accepted.  Purchase Orders are also accepted, however, Fiddlesticks Farms must receive them at least ONE WEEK prior so that payment can be made the day of the scheduled field trip.

Clean Up Fee:
Please leave the eating area just the way you found it.  All credit cards or schools are subject to a $50.00 cleaning fee if trash is blown away in the wind, left on tables and chairs, or left on the ground.