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You’re Hired?

You’re Hired?

Additional paperwork will be required at orientation IF you are hired. The forms below will need to be printed off and filled out. Bring your driver’s license or school ID, and Social Security card.  You will receive an email from TimeForge, a software program that we use to schedule staff. Get familiar with it so you know your schedule and how to request off, find a sub, or request to be scheduled!

Note: All paychecks will be issued via Direct Deposit to your bank account.  We require a completed “Authorization for Direct Deposit” form with your bank account number and bank routing number.

Your Interview

Your Interview

Once you have filled out your application, you will be contacted to set up an interview time from early August to mid-September. Interviews are held at the Country Store at Fiddlesticks Farms, 5610 East County Road 120 – Midland, TX 79706.

Dress casually.  T-shirts and jeans or finger-tip length shorts are fine. The application/interview process takes about 20-30 minutes.  We understand that some of you will have parents bringing you to your interview, however your interview is for you only.  If parents have questions or concerns, they are invited to attend orientation if you are hired.

The Benefits

The Benefits!

WEEKEND starting wages (depending on position) are $7.25 per hour for 1st year employees with room for advancement each returning year.
WEEKDAY (Field Trip Staff) starting wages are $10.00 per hour.

Each staff member receives 5 Free Admission Passes allowing you and your family and/or friends to visit us at the farm when you are not scheduled to work.  (Sorry, Admission Passes are not valid for staff members on the last 2 weekends of October.)

We offer monetary incentives if you can submit your application on or before the dates below:
Applications that are received by July 1st will be entered into a drawing for $200.00
Applications that are received by August 5th will be entered into a drawing for $100.00
Applications that are received by September 2nd will be entered into a drawing for $50.00

Sorry, applications that are received after September 9th will not be accepted for the 2023 season.