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Let them eat cake!

***Great cake photo here***

Have a unique Fiddlesticks Farms cake delivered for your party at the farm! You choose the size, the cake flavor, and the icing flavor  — and have the seasonal maze design decorated on it!

Quarter sheet:  20-24 people- $35.00
Half sheet:  35-48 people- $50.00
Full sheet:  96 people- $80.00

Cake Flavosr: Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, marble, or lemon.
Icing Flavors: Chocolate or vanilla butter cream icing OR chocolate or vanilla whipped icing.

Please email your cake orders to  us at least 1 week prior to the party date.
Also, please indicate the party date and time, cake size, cake flavor, and icing flavor when e-mail your order.

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