Birthday Party FAQs

Nitty Gritty Details:  One admission ticket per guest must be purchased, either in advance (BUY IN ADVANCE) or at admissions when you arrive.  To assure that everyone in your group has a great time, please make sure that a wristband is purchased for every person.  When the party host, checks in at Admissions, please provide the “Parties & Groups” window with your final Guest List.  At that time, you will be charged upfront for those that are on your guest list that are ages 4 and up.  This will allow you and other early arrivals to receive your wristbands and go ahead and proceed to the party area.  As the remainder of the guests come in, please let them know ahead of time to check in at the “Parties & Groups” window in order to receive their wristband.  We will keep a tally of the number of guests that actually attend…and if guests on your guest list are unable to attend, we will return the admission for those guests to you the same way that you initially paid us.  If guests that are not on your guest list arrive, they will be asked to pay their own way into the farm.  

We apologize for the changes from previous years and hope that you understand that we are simply trying to protect our business from theft.

Who should be included on your guest list?:  Anyone that you are willing to pay for should be on your guest list.  3 and under are free but should still be written down. A wristband is required for every person that is invited in order for them to enter the courtyard.

What is the minimum? There is no minimum however the maximum is 50.  If you require space for more that 50 guests, please feel free to make a second reservation at the same date and time and we will reserve the entire tent for you and your guests.  If guests that are not on your guest list arrive, they will be asked to pay their own way into the farm.  

Clean-up: A $50.00 clean-up fee will be charged to the card that you used for your reservation if your reserved area is not left the way it was found.

Decorations: You may decorate for your special event; however it may only be decorated 10 minutes prior to your reservation time. There will be other reservations scheduled before and after yours, so please be considerate of the time. You are welcome to bring balloons and streamers.  There are 5 plastic Lifetime picnic tables that are 5′ long and each seat approximately 10 people.  You are welcome to put out tablecloths however we can not supply tape to hold them down. We recommend Sure-Hold Tablecover Clips.  We understand the stress in planning an event so if you happen to forget them or couldn’t find them…don’t worry, we have them for sale in our Country Store- a 4 pack for $3.00 + tax for your convenience! Please do not bring a piñata.  The tent may not support the weight and it could collapse. Please remove all decorations when your 2 1/2 hour party time ends.

Food & Drinks: Concessions are available at Fiddlesticks Farms at the Saltlick & Miner’s Shack (Fiddlesticks Farms Menu) You may also order a pizza to be delivered from CiCi’s pizza.  (Pizza Info) A cake or cupcakes may also be brought in, or have a Fiddlesticks Farms cake delivered.  (Cake Info) A cooler of drinks may be brought in; however it must not contain glass or alcohol. Ice cream is allowed as well, however we are not able to store it for you. Any food that is prepared in advance is allowed.  We do not provide electricity or an open flame for you to prepare a meal. All food and drinks must be carried in through admissions.

Lighting under the tent: If you are reserving the tent area for a night party…the tent is not lit. The tent is not a permanent structure therefore we are unable to provide power to the tent since it’s location changes annually, but you are more than welcome to bring your own battery powered lighting. Weather: Extreme, unforeseen weather can force us to close at any time. If you are in doubt about the weather conditions, please call 432-687-MAZE before departing for Fiddlesticks Farms.

Attire: Dress comfortably as if you are going camping. No sandals or flip flops. Wear shoes conducive to walking. Remember that you will be on a farm, so dress appropriately for the best experience.

Restrooms: We have men’s and women’s porta potties along with a handicap/family porta potty located on the west side of our property.  On the east side, we also have permanent men’s and women’s and the women’s is equipped with a changing station.

Hand washing Station: A hand washing station is located next to the porta potties and farm animals as well as one located next to the Saltlick.

Forms of Payment: Fiddlesticks Farms accepts cash, credit cards, and Texas business checks.  Personal checks are never accepted.  For your convenience, an ATM machine is available inside the doors at Admissions.

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