Corn Maze

The 2018 Corn Maze

This year we chose to carve…

For this year’s corn maze design, we chose to use the likeness of Texas country music artist, Aaron Watson.  Aaron is an artist that our whole family enjoys, especially our 3 boys.  He is a family man with wholesome Christian values who always seems to have a positive influence on the crowd!

Aaron’s face is carved into our 15-acre corn maze.  There are 3 different phases of the maze to make up the entire image.  One phase is 45 minutes, the 2ndis about 30 minutes and the last is our Fairy Tale Trail which is only about 10-15 minutes.




*Please pardon the height of our corn maze…unfortunately we are in a hot, dry and sandy part of Texas where corn just does not grow well in hot temps and without sufficient rainfall at the right time.  Although the maze is irrigated with well water, the water is salty and it stunts the growth of any growing crop.



Passport to A-maze-ing Fun

Guests to the maze will pick up a “passport” filled with simple questions on a range of topics. At each station you will answer the corresponding question. The correct answers guide you through the maze, and the wrong answers lead down puzzling paths.

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